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ERP and Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) implementation services

These two main product service concentrations contribute to cost savings, efficiencies, & effectiveness across the enterprise.

ERP: Whether it is implementing and web-enabling multiple Oracle applications families, or extending the functionality of your current applications, Datapro offers solutions that extend across the entire enterprise value chain.

Through delivery of a comprehensive mix of technical expertise, industry knowledge, and applied innovation, we provide rapid implementation of complete, integrated solutions that harness the Internet for e-business innovation.

Though our competencies reside primarily in Oracle, we have satisfied our customers in the SAP and Peoplesoft technologies. Partnering with TOP -- Teleconsultants Oracle Partners; -- for remote consulting services, we have an acquired base of qualified senior consultants with an enviable range of Oracle experience.

Our remote access solutions empower our employees to get more of your work done from more places. Proof points of our strategic flexibility and extensibility, Datapro helped develop and execute long-lasting business strategies for businesses that span virtually all market segments including the Public Sector, Communications, Finance, Health Services, and Higher Education.

Enterprise Asset Management (eAM): In the Net economy, online business functionality is a given. More specifically, eAM is viewed as an essential management lever to rectify value chain inefficiencies.

We focus our energy on this high priority practice area eAM, given our rich integration experience with best-of-breed products, like Indus' EMPAC, and MRO's Maximo suite. Our experienced implementers with a proven track record are trained to maximize the value of the Net with the newly embedded eAM component of Oracle's E-Business suite, where we possess early-mover advantage.

Our aim is to be a force for change by helping organizations unleash the full potential of all their assets via Web service offerings, the building blocks of online functionality.

A key component of any business, this service offering encompasses developing technical solutions for linking the enterprise system to internal and external systems. This includes web enabling the enterprise as well as traditional integration services such as EDI and bridging to ancillary systems.

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